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Romans Series Recap

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Pastor Mark recently finished spending nearly an entire year preaching through Paul’s incredible letter to the Romans. It was so impactful for our church family, and those who watch online, and we wanted to recap some highlights from the series as well as how meaningful it was in the lives of our church family! It was an incredible year with 36 sermons as Pastor Mark taught over 2000 minutes, 252 pages of study guide between three full books, 176 daily devotionals, 12 subseries, and lots of parties!

During the course of the series, 329 people were baptized, making a public declaration of a relationship with Jesus and what He’s done in their lives! Check out the timeline below for just a few of the amazing things God did throughout the series.

September 12-13, 2020 – Pastor Mark begins series in Romans

On this exciting day, after being closed for Easter earlier in the year, Pastor Mark set the stage for Romans as we held our big Easter in September/4th birthday party!

September 26-27, 2020

Pastor Mark covered possibly one of the most controversial passages in the entire Bible, Romans 1:18-32 on sexuality and all different types of sin.

October 31-November 1, 2020

The return of Fall Festival! We welcomed a car show, live music, and a big party for kids and families in the Backyard. What did this have to do with Romans? Well, maybe not much, but we do know we’re practicing for Heaven by throwing fun parties now! We also practiced for Heaven throughout the year with fun events like Soul Pampering, the Women’s Christmas Dinner, and more!

November 7-8, 2020

The book of Romans brought up some very interesting topics throughout one of the craziest presidential election seasons we’ve seen in recent history…

…but through it all, Pastor Mark also recounted how faithful God has been to our church family through possibly the strangest year of all our lives.

December 5-6, 2020 – Baptisms!

This was the first of five different baptism dates throughout the book of Romans, including four on campus at Trinity and one at Trinity Students camp.

December 23-24, 2020 – Christmas Eve wrapped up a month of Christmas fun

These two nights wrapped up an entire week of Christmas and a month of weekend parties during December! We capped off a month in which we welcomed thousands of people to celebrate the birth of Jesus and even got to dedicate some cute babies. We went through a Romans subseries in the month of December called “Good Gifts” and covered chapters 6-7.

February 20-21, 2021 – More baptisms! 

More and more people publicly declaring that God saved them and that they want to live a new life with Jesus. Every time, we’re so grateful we get to be part God’s mission here in the Valley!

March 13-April 11, 2021 – “Predestination Problems”

This section of the book covered one of the most heavily debated topics in all of Christianity – predestination – and Pastor Mark wrote an e-book to help clarify the subject called Duck Duck Doom in English and Spanish.

Pastor Mark also had some admonition for those churches that were remaining closed after being closed in 2020.

April 2-4, 2021 – Good Friday & Easter!

We welcomed almost 6000 people between Good Friday and Easter across seven different services over the weekend! On two days of Easter services, we baptized over 100 people just in one weekend.

June 19-20, 2021 – Father’s Day Baptisms

Is there anything cooler than seeing dads baptized ON Father’s Day then turn around and baptize their kids? We’re not sure there is! We are so excited to be a small part of what the Holy Spirit is doing to change lives and legacies!

June 20-23, 2021 – First-ever Trinity Students camp

The Holy Spirit showed up in a special way at the first-ever Trinity Students camp and almost 20 kids got baptized on the final morning of camp!

July 10-11, 2021

Ultimately, through the entire book of Romans, and as we study the Bible as a whole, Pastor Mark encouraged Christians that it’s ok to discuss or debate but not to divide over what we’d consider “state borders” or “open-handed issues”.

July 24-August 1, 2021 – Christmas in July

While the preaching was heating up in the main room, and the temperatures were heating up outside, what better time to celebrate Christmas in July with snow cones, Christmas cookies, and 50,000 pounds of snow?!

August 7-8, 2021 – Final weekend of the Romans series

To cap off the series and in preparation for Trinity’s upcoming 5th birthday, several people wrote out their Romans testimony or Trinity story and we wanted to share a few of their encouraging stories of what the Holy Spirit is doing at Trinity!

Even more testimonies from the Romans series!

There were so many good stories that came into the inbox and social media, so we wanted to keep sharing stories of how God has used Romans to bless the lives of so many people!

I gave up on the Bible for a long time ‘til I found Pastor Mark on YouTube teaching Romans! I now watch you and learn every morning. You brought me closer to the Lord. Thank you!

I was sent a link to your series on Romans by my (atheist) youngest son who is currently living in Europe. He said that he was really enjoying your messages, and it sounds like the Spirit of Jesus is making changes in his heart. Thank you so much for your fearless and accurate presentation of the gospel. BTW, I’m also now greatly impacted by your messages.

We’ve struggled to find a church my husband and I both love…until we visited The Trinity Church. He was very moved by the energy, the relevance of the teaching, and the presence of the Holy Spirit at your church… He says “that was the first time I’ve ever sat through a sermon without wanting to fall asleep” and he shared that sermon from Romans 12 with his adult children, co-workers, and ex-wife.

Our men’s study just concluded Daniel and began our journey in Romans last night! Thank you so much for putting this content out! Our men’s study and church is growing and the Holy Spirit is working through us men in so many ways! Please give our best to Pastor Mark and encourage him in knowing men around the world are growing and learning from his teachings!

I listened to your study on Romans and couldn’t stop. I listened to one after another. Your love for Jesus and the Bible and truth and grace was so powerful and my heart couldn’t get enough of it. Thank you for preaching the gospel. The whole gospel and nothing but the gospel. God has used this study to strengthen me, convict me, encourage me, and it also revealed to me that I was more religious than I realized and needed to focus on my relationship with Him. It was so freeing!

Do you have a story of what Romans meant to you? Feel free to email us at info@thetrinitychurch.com.

In case you missed the series, you can watch all 36 sermons, check out all 176 daily devotionals, and get the volume 1, volume 2, or volume 3 study guides.

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