Week of June 12th Newsletter

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Howdy, Trinity Family!

This is going to be a weekend you do NOT want to miss! We have an incredibly special guest joining us this weekend as Dr. R.T. Kendall will be preaching his life message based on his best-selling book Total Forgiveness all weekend at Trinity. All new families will receive a free copy of the book this weekend. Join us for our new summer service times – Saturday at 4 PM and Sunday at 9&11 AM.

We had a great kickoff to our Summer Date Nights on Wednesday night, and we’ll be doing it again next week! Whether you’re married, engaged, dating, or even single, we hope you’ll join us for a special series this summer. Pastor Mark and Grace will be going through Song of Songs almost every Wednesday this summer and you won’t want to miss it! After each teaching time, we’ll keep watching your kiddos as you head out on a date to talk about what you’ve learned. Click here for more info and the full schedule and make plans to join us this summer!

After this weekend, the next date to celebrate is Father’s Day! As we celebrate lives and legacies changed, we will be doing one of our favorite things – BAPTISMS! – on Father’s Day weekend, June 19-20To sign up to be baptized, fill out the form at this link. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

The Trinity Church is grateful for and committed to honoring the constitutional freedoms and liberties that allow us to freely gather in worship and express our love and devotion to God.  At the heart of our church is a commitment to telling the truth according to God’s Word.  We recognize, however, that others are free to exercise these liberties and freedoms in other ways, including by disseminating falsehoods and misinformation through social media and other platforms.

Consistent with the Bible’s teachings that all should “pursue what makes for peace” (Romans 14:19) and “the wise turn away wrath” (Proverbs 29:8), the Trinity Church generally does not respond to false or misleading information.  Except in extraordinary circumstances, responding to such matters is a distraction from God’s work as, “the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God.” (James 1:20).

Grievously, these are extraordinary circumstances, as false and misleading comments on child safety have been circulating about the Trinity Church as part of an effort to “take down Trinity” and “destroy the church.”  The safety and security of our attendees—especially the children—is a top priority for the Church.  We have policies and procedures in place to protect children from all forms of abuse, and Church staff are diligent in ensuring that children are not placed at risk of being harmed.  Some seeking to disparage and divide have claimed that Church staff did not follow these policies or keep pertinent records, but these statements are categorically false.

The Trinity Church has never received a credible report of child abuse by any staff member or Church attendee. This includes the demonstrably false allegation circulating online, which is based upon an admittedly unsubstantiated “feeling” of one former volunteer.  This entirely false and groundless accusation has been refuted by numerous eyewitnesses, including the child’s parents.  The child’s parents, who wish to remain anonymous for their family’s privacy and protection, gave the Church the following statement:

We love the Trinity Church and its pastors and leadership.  We have a background working with children and are constantly on the lookout for potentially dangerous people, especially those who might pose a danger to our children.  We have never been concerned about the safety of our children at the Trinity Church.  We are dismayed that those disseminating falsehoods have dragged our family into the middle of their vendetta against the Trinity Church.

We are praying for all affected and grieve with the staff member and family at the epicenter of these harmful falsehoods.  To mitigate further pain and damage, we have retained the law firm Fennemore to evaluate pursuing legal recourse against those disseminating these malicious and defamatory statements.  We deeply love and appreciate you and lament any burden caused by the fabrications and misinformation circulating about our Church community.  As always, please let one of our pastors know if you need prayer for this or anything else.

For those who are not yet part of our Church family, we welcome you to join us for Team Trinity. There, you can meet leaders, hear our history, and have your questions answered.  We would be honored to welcome you into our Church family as we open our Bibles to learn, and open our lives to love.

Our next Join the Team Weekend is coming up later this month on Saturday, June 26 at 4 PM and Sunday, June 27 at 11 AM. This is the absolute best way to get plugged in at Trinity and for more information or to join us for either date, fill out the form here!

For the full summer schedule, check out the list below!

And don’t forget… Pastor Mark will be in Romans almost every service all summer! We can’t wait to see you this weekend!

Real Español

At Real Faith, Bible-teaching ministry in Spanish is increasing! Spearheaded by Pastor Mark’s oldest daughter, Ashley Chase, you can find sermons, e-books, articles, and more in Spanish, and more is being added every month. To check out Real Español, click here.

To receive Real Español content straight to your inbox, fill out the form here.

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