Weekly Digital Bulletin – June 25-26

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This weekend, ALL Trinity Kids will be celebrated with a special “Un-Birthday Party”. With record numbers of kiddos joining us in the Backyard, we take one special weekend out of the year to celebrate ALL of their birthdays with a big party, special treats, gifts, and of COURSE, waterslides! Swimsuits Summer also continues this weekend, as it will every Wednesday and weekend throughout the summer.

When’s the last time you had a date night? When’s the last time you had a FREE date night? If the answer to these is “never” or “far too long”, or even if you have date night every week, you’re invited to Summer Date Nights every Wednesday in June and July (except July 6) at 6:15 PM. You’ll get incredible teaching from Pastor Mark and Grace, time for a date night with your spouse or significant other, AND if you have kiddos (5 months-5th grade), we’ll watch them for the entire event in a fun, safe, environment while they learn about Jesus (just don’t forget to pick them up by 8:15 PM, otherwise we’ll have to give them puppies and espresso!). And as a side note, every Wednesday and Weekend this summer is Swimsuit Summer, so bring the kids in their swimsuits ready to get wet and have a blast on waterslides! 

And, even if you don’t have kids, we’ll be doing gift card giveaways every single week for a free dinner on us! Pastor Mark and Grace’s teaching this summer will be on “Real Relationships” with your spouse, significant other, co-workers, family, friends, and more and there are still PLENTY of opportunities to join us Wednesdays this summer. Find more info and the full list of dates here.

The first of three Real Women Summer events is coming up soon – the return of Soul Pampering on Wednesday, June 29 from 10:30 AM – 1:30 PM. We oftentimes pamper our bodies, but how often do we pamper our souls and get regular time with God? At Soul Pampering, we’ll do just that, spending time with God in His Word as well as through prayer, journaling, and artistic expression.

Later this summer, we’ll debut two new events in Real Women of the Bible (Wednesday, July 27) and Rooted Gathering (Wednesday, August 31). All 3 summer events are free, but we ask that you register so we can prepare for your arrival. There will also be Trinity Kids experience with Swimsuit Summer in the Backyard (ages 5 months-5th grade) for all 3 events as well. For all the information and to register, click here.

As the world trends anti-family, Saturday nights at Trinity Church were created specifically FOR your family! We’ll have incredible Bible teaching from Pastor Mark, charismatic worship, waterslides and fun for the kiddos, and Trinity Students for 6th-12th graders, as well as food trucks and places to hang out, have dinner and meet other families! The Saturday night experience is one you don’t want to miss. Click here to learn more about Saturday nights at Trinity Church!

Have kiddos 5 months-5th grade? Swimsuit Summer is happening in Trinity Kids ALL SUMMER LONG on Wednesdays and Weekends because we believe in Jesus and water slides. On Wednesdays during Summer Date Nights and every weekend throughout the summer, we’ll have water slides, foam cannons, popsicles, splash tables, and so much more. Parents, it’s important for you to remember to bring:
1) Your kids in their swimsuits ready to play!
2) Shoes for your kids that can get wet (water shoes)
3) A towel
4) A change of clothes so they can be dry on the ride home!

For more information on Swimsuit Summer, click here.

This year, Trinity Middle and High School split into two separate summer camps for the first time as Trinity Students grows! Middle School camp took place June 13-17 in Prescott but there’s still time to register for High School Camp in Ojai Valley, CA July 17-22! To register your student for high school camp, click here.

With so much happening this summer, we’re sure you want to invite friends and family! But have you ever not quite had the words to say or weren’t sure how to start the conversation? We did a lot of the work for you and wanted to share some resources to help you invite friends to church this summer! You never know who might say yes! Click the link here to find out more.

This weekend, Pastor Mark will be preaching a sermon called “Why Do Families Need Men to Lead?” from Genesis 26:1-35. To get a free digital copy of the Genesis Volume 2 study guide, click here, or pick up a copy in the lobby on your way into church this weekend. Pastor Mark also releases daily devos Monday-Friday that generally follow each sermon series that you can access here.

Service Times

Saturday @ 4 PM
Sunday @ 9 & 11 AM


Young Adults (18-25)
Monday @ 6 PM (Trinity Café)
*Every other week through the summer
Students (6th-12th grade)
Saturday @ 4 PM (Trinity Café)
*First Saturday of every month on campus in service
Summer Date Nights
Wednesdays from 6:15-8:15 PM
June 8, 15, 22, 29 & July 13, 20, 27


June 22  Summer Date Night #3
June 25-26 – Trinity Kids Un-Birthday Party
June 29 – Real Women Summer – Soul Pampering
June 29  Summer Date Night #4
July 6 – No Summer Date Night this week
July 13  Summer Date Night #5
July 17-22 – Trinity Students High School Camp
July 20  Summer Date Night #6
July 23-24 – Christmas in July
July 27  Summer Date Night #7
July 27 – Real Women Summer – Real Women of the Bible
August 31 – Real Women Summer – Rooted Gathering

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