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Real Marriage Event 2022 Recap

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The 2022 Real Marriage Event was full of laughs, Biblical teaching from Pastor Mark & Grace, games, prizes, music, and so much more! In case you missed it, or want to re-live the fun, here’s a recap of the evening!

The night started off with a welcome from our hosts, Pastor Landon and Ashley Chase, where they shared a bit of their story and welcomed the packed house to the event.









After the welcome, six couples had the opportunity to come on stage and play “Name That Tune!” for prizes! The catch was, they didn’t just have to name the song, they also had to pop their heart-shaped balloon to “buzz in”!

Following a fun start to the night, Pastor Mark and Grace continued the laughs with practical, Biblical, and hilarious teaching on marriage. They re-took the stage later in the evening to answer randomly selected Q&A related to marriage.

One attendee said of the event, “I really enjoyed sitting there and learning more about how I can serve [my wife] in a way that gives me dopamine. It’s like ‘How can I learn how to love, serve, and take care of [my wife] while, at the same time, I’m also benefitting?’…it’s a heck of a lot of fun.”

Those in attendance enjoyed some phenomenal desserts before coming back together to close out the evening with some final giveaways.

The wife from a couple who won the prize for the shortest time married, celebrating just two weeks of marriage at the time of the event, said “This Real Marriage event was already a blessing in our lives because I’ve noticed ways that I need to grow as a wife and grow out of younger self to be a better wife to him. I also think it was very bonding because not many churches we’ve been to have activities that grow you together with your spouse, so it’s pretty amazing.”

Her husband added, “It’s been impactful for me being able to [learn how to lead spiritually] because I feel like it’s easy to lead in finances because it’s numbers, but being able to lead emotionally and spiritually is definitely a lot more of a growth curve. It provides a lot of unity.”

One of the most favorite parts of the evening was a photo booth for couples to take pictures together to capture the memory of an incredibly fun night together.

The husband of a couple who had been married for 27 years noted that they have a great marriage but that they came to the event, “to learn even more about ourselves and how we can have a better, more intimate relationship together for a long-lasting marriage.”

At Trinity, we love pouring into and helping strengthen marriages and families, so this is one of the most fun events to throw every year. We already can’t wait for next year! If you were able to join us, we hope it was a wonderful time for you and your Valentine and, if not, we hope you’ll make plans to join us next year!

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