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Fall Festival 2021

By November 1, 2021No Comments

Thanks to the generosity of our church family, Fall Festival 2021 was absolutely incredible and one for the books!

We were able to practice for Heaven and throw an incredible FREE party for a few thousand people. Here are a few fun stats about the weekend:

  • 15,000 pieces of candy and toys were given away
  • 1000 pumpkins were taken home by kids
  • 700 cups of cider were drunk
  • 604 little kids checked in for church – an all-time weekend record!
  • 300 s’mores kits got cooked over fires
  • 260 amazing volunteers worked hard with a smile
  • 100 songs were sung to Jesus on campus
  • 40 new families registered for kids’ ministry
  • 37 people were baptized
  • 1 fiddle was played

We heard from people who joined us from Canada, Mexico, California, Arkansas, New Mexico, Idaho, Washington, and many other states and countries!

One amazing story we heard was that of a retired military veteran who joins us online weekly, as he and his wife “attend church together” with their entire family spread across the country. He and his wife made a three-day drive from Idaho so he could be baptized at Trinity!

Another incredible story is that of a mom and daughter who both got baptized over the weekend. The daughter planned to be baptized and, as they were in line, the mom asked if she could get dunked as well since she’d never been baptized! The even cooler part is the mom’s dad got baptized a couple of years ago and since they’ve all become Christians, there’s been restoration of family relationships.

We love throwing parties and baptizing believers as we celebrate all God has done and practice for Heaven, the party that never ends!

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