Trinity Church is a rapidly growing church in Scottdale, AZ that focuses on courageous Bible teaching and healthy relationships.


Our mission is “We open our Bibles to learn. We open our lives to love. So that lives and legacies are transformed.”


Position Description: 

The Video Director will oversee all live video requirements for weekly and special events at Trinity Church. This role is an essential part of the team and must have a high value for communicating with Kingdom principles. This is a Full-Time Role (40+ hours per week).

General Responsibilities:

  • Oversee all video requirements for recurring weekly live events, generally Saturday and Sunday as well as Wednesday morning and evening. Support additional Special Events as needed.
  • Oversee the week-to-week changes in the video systems, including loading of appropriate assets (graphics, videos, lyrics) for upcoming productions.
  • Support the Production Team as the video expert, providing recommendations and insight to Production Team initiatives.
  • Oversee the proper operation of the Video equipment, ensuring all components are properly used and maintained.
  • Grow and maintain a volunteer video team.

Required Skills for the Job:

  • At least 3 years live Video production experience.
  • Experience with video switchers, including Blackmagic Design and Ross Video, and graphics systems (ProPresenter)
  • Knowledge of modern video systems, including routing, video switching, keying, graphics and camera systems
  • Limited knowledge of web streaming methodologies

Preferred Skills that Would Be Good for this Role:

  • Experience on a full-time production team, preferably in a ministry environment.
  • Experience capturing live productions to enhance both an in-room and online experience.
  • Knowledge of post-production workflows to be able to speak into produced assets for the production as well as provide recorded assets for post-production.

This person must have a love for Jesus Christ, Trinity Church, the pastors and leaders along with their families, and a love for organizing, helping, and serving to further the mission of Trinity Church.

Trinity Staff Member Expectations

  1. Takes responsibility for your own walk with Jesus, and their spiritual, emotional, and physical health.
  2. Live according to the vision and Values of Trinity Church.
  3. As much as it depends on you, proactively work toward unity and peace with other staff members and church family members, and not making private matters public.

Confidentiality, godliness, and loyalty are crucial. Since this person will be working a lot without direct oversight they need to be hard-working, dependable, and able to self-manage their time and workflow. Since this person will have access to the church family and also the pastoral families, they must be relational warm, trustworthy, and safe. Since this person is also a representative of the ministry and the Driscolls, professional conduct is critical. Since this is a ministry, the character guidelines outlined of a deacon in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1 are expected. This person will need to maintain a very low profile on social media, be able to hold all confidences to ensure that personal privacy is maintained, and not aspire to build a platform for themselves. This person also needs to work well with the staff at Trinity Church and Real Faith.

If married, this person must have a Christian spouse who is supportive of their role in the ministry and glad to be at Trinity Church. Because ministry involves people and hospitality, the emotional support of the spouse is important but there are no formal expectations for their involvement in the ministry other than being a healthy part of the church family.


VISION: We open our Bibles to Learn. We open our lives to love.
PURPOSE: Lives and Legacies Transformed
OUR NICHE: Bible Teaching and Relationships
OUR UNIQUES: What our “offense” is built around.

  • Courageous Bible Teaching
  • Men who bless women and children
  • Kids dragging their parents to church


Living Kingdom Down

  • Word & Spirit.
  • Forgive & repent.
  • Work & sabbath.
  • God works for you, in you, through you.

Healthy Person

  • Ministry starts at home.
  • Worship is our witness.
  • Honest about the past, growing for the future.
  • Chooses the Spirit over the flesh and demonic.

Burden Lifter

  • Owns and organizes work and life.
  • Team unity from top to bottom.
  • Personal, pastoral, professional relationships.
  • Delegate and elevate.

Heart for the House

  • Generous steward.
  • Humble servant.
  • We don’t have to, we get to!
  • Joyful church family of all ages.