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When Jesus needed help, He went to the Helper. Where do you go? Every visiting family will be receiving a free copy of Pastor Mark's newest trade book Spirit-Filled Jesus. You can also order on Amazon!

Week 1:
Spirit-Filled Jesus

September 30th

Pastor Mark’s brand-new book is out! Join us for this 7-week sermon series and receive a FREE copy of Spirit-Filled Jesus: Live by His Power. Are you wearing down and needing to plug in to God’s power? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Spirit-Filled Jesus”, you will learn the secret to Jesus’ life and how you can live by His power!

Week 2
Maturity for Your Family

October 7th

Are you ready to mature and see God change your family? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Maturity for Your Family”, you will learn how you can mature like Jesus did and have a family that fulfills their destiny.

Week 3:
Five Weapons to Defeat the Demonic

October 14th

Are you sick of falling into bad habits? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Five Weapons to Defeat the Demonic”, you will learn how you can overcome the temptation to do foolish and evil things and live in freedom like Jesus.

Week 4:
Jesus' Secret to Emotional Health

October 21st

Are you feeling emotionally bummed out, beat down, and need to be built up? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Jesus' Secret to Emotional Health”, you will learn how to be emotionally healthy and hopeful even when life is hard.

Week 5:
Facing Foolish and Evil People with the Spirit's Wisdom

October 28th

Why are some of your relationships so life-giving and others so life-taking? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Facing Foolish and Evil People with the Spirit’s Wisdom”, you will learn how to have a healthy relationship with Jesus and other people.

Week 6:
Be Perfected Through Suffering

November 4th

Are you in a season of suffering, or walking with someone who is hurting? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Be Perfected Through Suffering”, you will learn the secret to Jesus’ suffering so that your woeful days can be used by God in wonderful ways.

Week 7:
Seven Reasons to Forgive

November 11th

Who has hurt you and caused pain that you are struggling to heal from? In this Sunday’s sermon, “Seven Reasons to Forgive”, you will learn that forgiveness is a gift will completely transform you.