Pray for Yourself

January 6 | John 17:1-5

The best way to start this year is by talking to God about your plans and listening to hear what He has to say. Deepen your relationship with God by learning how to pray for yourself by studying the longest prayer that Jesus ever prayed.

Pray for Christians

January 13 | John 17:6-19

The fastest way to improve your relationship with people is to begin praying for them. Praying is a way of promoting loving and serving. Praying is a way of preventing gossiping and fighting. Improve your emotional and relational health by learning how to pray for other Christians from the pattern of Jesus’ longest prayer.

Pray for Non-Christians

January 20 | John 17:20-26

What do you do when people you know are far from God but don’t want to hear you talk to them about God? Rather than talking to them about God, you can talk to God about them. Lift your burden and learn to pray for family, friends, and coworkers who don’t know the Lord and see what God does to answer those prayers.