Want Healthy Relationships?

During the Christmas season, we are reminded that God came to earth to have a relationship with us. Much like we prepare for holiday guests coming to visit, the final book of the Old Testament was written to prepare our hearts to receive Jesus. That book, Malachi, is a conversation between our loving Father and his people, teaching us six skills for healthy relationships with God, family, and friends.

Learn to Love

November 25th | Malachi 1:1-5

Do you need to learn to be more loving? God is a Father and His heart is filled with love for you. Your relationship with God begins with His love for you. Understanding and experiencing this love allows you to become emotionally healthy and love God, family, and friends with the love that God gives you to share.

Learn to Honor

December 2nd | Malachi 1:6-14

Do you need to learn to honor God’s authority over all aspects of your life? Like every good parent, God is a Father who needs to be respected if you are to learn, grow, and mature. As you learn to honor God’s authority you then become healthy both in and under human authority. This makes you a better Christian, spouse, parent, child, employee, and leader so that your life is blessed by God and a blessing to others.

Learn to Listen

December 9th | Malachi 2:1-9

Do you consider yourself a good listener? One key to every healthy relationship is being a good listener. Sadly, sometimes believers don’t like what God is saying, so they choose to listen to a bad teacher who tells them what they want to hear rather than what God has said. As you grow to heed God’s Word and hear God’s voice you will be able to walk in the destiny that God has for you and your family.

Learn to Persevere

December 16th | Malachi 2:10-3:5

When tough times come into your relationships, are you the kind of person who is more likely to hang in there or hang it up? In every relationship, there are times when we want to give in and give up. This is especially true with family members, including our spouse. But, when we learn to persevere through hard times with God, family, and friends, the long-term blessings outweigh the short-term burdens.

Learn to Give

December 23rd | Malachi 3:6-18

Are you a generous person with your words, works, and wealth? The key to a healthy relationship with God is to understand that He has generously given you His only Son as the greatest gift that could possibly be given. As you grow to appreciate that God is a generous giver, you will be freed up to be a more generous giver to God, family, and friends. Learning this lesson will improve all of your relationships and bring joy to your soul.

Learn to Change Your Heart

Christmas Eve, December 24th | Malachi 4:1-6

Is your heart tender toward God, family, and friends? Forever is a long time, and God invites us to change our hearts today so that we can prepare for the perfect, healthy, and loving relationships we will enjoy in eternity. As we study God’s final words before four-hundred years of silence that preceded the coming of Jesus at the first Christmas, you can experience the Father heart of God and share it with family and friends to experience healed relationships.