Step 4: God Works for You, In You, and Through You

God works FOR you:

Jesus lives the life you could not live and dies the death you deserve. He takes our sin, and gives us His righteousness. The big idea is that He does everything and we do nothing when it comes to our salvation. 

God works IN you:

The Holy Spirit transforms you from the inside out, so you are not a better version of yourself, you are new! You get a new desire and new purpose so the Christian life is about what you get to do, not what you have to do. 

God works THROUGH you:

This is where the Christian life really comes to life! There is nothing better than using your gifts to make a difference. The goal we are driving towards is not that you would live for God, but that He would live through you! 

We do relationship, not membership. If you are praying, serving, giving and in relationship: you’re in! Welcome to Team Trinity!


Part of the Christian life is that we get to give. The Bible teaches about a tithe, which literally means a tenth. For some, that is a good goal. For others, that is a good start. We are not going to tell you how much you should give, but we are going to ask you to ask God how much He would have you give and do that. 

If you are part of our church family, the most helpful thing you can do is set up recurring giving by clicking here.