Step 2: Vision & Beliefs

VISION: We open our Bibles to learn, we open our lives to love, so that lives and legacies are transformed.

Our priorities at The Trinity Church are learning and loving. They are like two wheels on a bike, working together to propel the church and its people forward. We desire for everyone who calls The Trinity Church home to learn the Bible in the context of loving relationships and welcome as many people as possible to join us. Because the only things we can take with us into God’s eternal Kingdom are the Word of God and people, we hold them as our highest priority. All of this is defined in our mission statement, above.

At the Trinity Church, we believe in the Bible as the primary revelation from God, but also understand that there is some diversity in what Jesus-loving Christians believe about the Bible. To that end, we consider Christian beliefs to fall into one of two categories: 


These are primary beliefs essential to being a Christian and the beliefs around which The Trinity Church is united.

These beliefs can be found HERE.


These are secondary beliefs that Christians are free to debate, but that should not lead to division. Some examples include: old earth vs. new earth creation, end times, expressions of spiritual gifts, Arminianism vs. Calvinism, homeschool vs. public school, worship style, etc.