Communications Team Project Manager – Part-Time


The Communications Team usually has several projects going on simultaneously.

  • Creating event promotional materials
  • Designing graphics
  • Writing emails
  • Updating church signage
  • And much more…

Someone needs to oversee the myriad of tasks and deliverable handoffs required to make all these efforts come together on time and within budget. That’s where a project manager comes into play.


1 Assist the Communications Team in creating, tasking, and managing communication projects and plans within Asana software.

  1. This individual works with the team to identify all the tasks required to complete a given project, uses that information to create a project plan, and then monitors all the tasks.
  2. Monitor progress, address any issues or bottlenecks, and adjust plans as needed to keep projects on track.
  3. Ensure consistent and effective communication across all channels, including newsletters, social media, website updates, and bulletins.


  1. Strong organizational skills.
  2. Effective communicator.
  3. Team player with leadership qualities.
  4. Strong attention to details.
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Job Category: Communications
Job Type: Part Time
Job Location: Trinity Church