Parenting 101

Whether you’re a good parent that needs some encouragement, a struggling parent realizing what you’re doing isn’t working, not yet a parent but want to be, or are expecting, this class is for you!

The truth is parenting is extremely difficult and no one is a perfect parent! This 5-week class is meant to introduce or reintroduce you to overarching Biblical principles that apply to parenting, showing you the Father heart of God and how He is a perfect example for imperfect people.

The class begins Oct. 23 and runs every Sunday through Nov. 20 at 9 AM at the Trinity Café.

Pastor Eden and his wife Brittany are excited to walk with you through this class. Their hope and prayer is that God will use this class to challenge and encourage you. The goal is that, through this class, you’ll learn how to live more by the power of the Holy Spirit, making you more like Jesus, which will, in turn, make you a better parent!

What does this cost?
It’s free.
Is there Childcare?
Yes for nursery through 5th grade at the church
What if I miss a session?
We highly encourage you to make all the sessions, but you will have access to watch the content online and a physical workbook to follow along.
What’s the format of this class?
Online Video course, followed small group discussion and workbook assignments.
Will there be food?
We will provide snacks and drinks, and you will probably meet some great couples to go get lunch with afterwards as well.

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Oct 23 2022


9:00 am - 10:30 am

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