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Why the name “The Trinity Church”? 

Before Pastor Mark’s wife Grace was born, her mom and dad planted a church called The Trinity Church. Grace was born into that church, grew up and was baptized there, then served in the nursery, food bank, and office as a young girl.


The Trinity Church was also the first evangelical church that Pastor Mark ever attended and ever preached in. It was the church that paid for the Bible
that turned his heart to Jesus, and stayed with him throughout the first decade of his ministry.

In 2013, Grace’s father went home to be with the Lord, and Pastor Mark preached his funeral from that same Bible purchased by the church

The Driscolls invited Grace’s mother Linda to be a founding church member of The Trinity Church, along with the Driscoll kids, in gibhonor to the gospel legacy of Grace’s family.

And, serving the same God as the original The Trinity Church, our church aspires to celebrate and honor other churches in Phoenix and beyond, partnering with them for the cause
of God’s Kingdom.

There are also six significant spiritual reasons we chose the name The Trinity Church:

  1. We are a God-centered church and having our God in the title puts Him first.
  2. Because the Triune God is a Friend and has Friends, we likewise pursue loving relationships with God and other people.
  3. The doctrine of the Trinity distinguishes Christianity from all other belief systems.
  4. Various churches and traditions emphasize God the Father, God the Son, or God the Spirit. We aspire to help people know and love each member of the Trinity equally.
  5. We believe all of life is to be lived by the power of the Holy Spirit, following the example of Jesus, to the glory of God the Father.
  6. When Pastor Mark sat down to co-author his systematic theology book, he began with the Trinity, because all Christian theology flows from who God is.


“Everything must be done so that the church may be built up”—1 Corinthians 14:26

Jesus tells us to “Love one another” and at The Trinity Church we aspire to do that.

Our prayer is that the following will serve as a guide and encouragement to the kind of family we want to become at The Trinity Church.

  • 🙏 Pray first
  • 🚲 The pedals on our bike are Bible teaching and relationships
  • ❤️ Loving relationships are the mark of good theology
  • 🎉 Fun is fundamental
  • 👏 Build people up, don’t beat people up
  • 👑 God is our Father and we are a family of multiple generations
  • 👶 Children are a blessing
  • 👍 We do things with excellence or we don’t do them at all
  • 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 The family that serves together grows closer
  • 🙌 Nothing beats people meeting Jesus
  • 💲 Vision requires provision

Guiding Principles

Some of the key questions that guide our church decision-making are:

  1. How is God glorified through this?
  2. Does this contribute to church health?
  3. Are lives being transformed?
  4. Are people learning the Bible?
  5. Are people in relationship?

The ministry of The Trinity Church is ruled by God, influenced by wise counsel, governed by a board,

 led by the Senior Pastor, run by staff, carried out by Team Trinity on mission.


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We open our Bibles to learn. We open our lives to love.