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Joseph – WEEK #5

How To Heal Up From Hurtful Relationships

Pastor Mark Driscoll

Genesis 44:1 – 45:28

The greatest pain in our life often comes from unhealthy relationships we have with family members. This is the case with Joseph in Genesis. He was separated from his father and family for 20 years. Then, in God’s providence, they arrive in the nation he is helping lead for food during a famine completely unaware that he is there brother. Joseph has already forgiven his brothers from the heart for betraying him and selling him into slavery. But, he does not immediately trust them. Instead, he interacts with them over the course of two years to see if they have changed from being evil men. Thankfully, they have changed and as a result there is one of the most glorious reunions in all of Scripture and a picture of the nature of the eternal homecoming that awaits the family of God in the Kingdom. This is a tremendous scene of healing, help, and hope for every person, and every relationship.