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Joseph – WEEK #4

5 Signs of the Spirit

Pastor Mark Driscoll

Genesis 41:41 – 43:34

At the age of 17, Joseph was betrayed by his jealous brothers. Sold into slavery, he was taken to Egypt where he did not know the language and they did not know his God. There, he served faithfully and was wrongly convicted of sexual assault, even though he was an innocent virgin who had repeatedly rejected the advances of the woman who destroyed him. In prison, Joseph rose up to lead the prison in which he was a prisoner. Joseph did not have the Bible as we do, his father was far away and thought his son was dead, and no other believers were in his life. Yet, Joseph, remained faithful to God and fulfilled his destiny. How did he do it? By the power of the Holy Spirit (Genesis 41:38). In this sermon we will look at 5 signs of the Spirit in the life of Joseph that God wants us to also experience in our life.