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Joseph – WEEK #3

6 Marks of a Missionary Mindset

Pastor Mark Driscoll

Genesis 40:1-41:40

This week we see Joseph’s life transition from his parents’ house, to a pit, to Potiphar’s house, to a prison, and finally to a palace. All of this transpired from ages 17-30 while Joseph had lost his family, freedom, and reputation. What he does not do is complain, rebel, or try to escape even though he is running the prison that houses him. To make matters worse, Joseph does not have even one other believer to enjoy the company of since he is the only worshiper of the real God that we know if in all of Egypt. How does Joseph make it through a wrecked life to a new life? One, he lives in the presence of God (39:2,3,23). Two, he has a missionary mindset which we explore in Genesis 40:1-41:40.