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Why Phoenix?

After much prayer and wise pastoral and professional counsel, the Driscolls believed and agreed that a move to Phoenix was the Lord’s will. Pastor Mark and Grace have had a growing burden for Phoenix and, even though ministry options emerged from other cities, their interest in Phoenix was greatest.

Prior to moving, the Driscolls spent months scouting the valley and meeting with dozens of local pastors who were warm and welcoming.

Since moving to Phoenix, Pastor Mark and Grace have deepened their love of the city, grown their vision to serve its people, and are glad to call Phoenix home.

What part of the Valley does The Trinity Church serve?

The Trinity Church is a regional church serving the greater valley.

We welcome people from the entire valley to our church services. And throughout the week, we hold sermon-based small groups in multiple locations across the valley.

Is The Trinity Church Generationally Focused?

We are a multi-generational church that welcomes people from all stages of life, reflecting the fact that Phoenix is a city of ‘four kinds’.

  1. A city where people attend college to get their degree. ASU is among the largest universities in America, and Grand Canyon University is a large and fast growing Christian college.
  1. A city where people move to start their career and build their resume as a single professional. Within 5 years over 200,000 new people are expected to move to Phoenix, which will make it the 4th largest city in the U.S.
  1. A city where people move once they marry and want to buy a house and start having children. A combination of reasonably priced housing, open school enrollment, and publicly funded charter schools has attracted a large number of families with young children to Phoenix.
  1. A city where people move after they have raised their family. Phoenix is a very attractive place for those who retire and spend their winters in Phoenix and summers in their hometown.

When a city is primarily in one category, it has a difficult time being a multi-generational church. Because of the nature of Phoenix, The Trinity Church is a multi-generational with an emphasis on non-Christians and young families.

Where does The Trinity Church meet on Sunday mornings?

The Trinity Church has services at 9:00 and 11:00 am on Sundays each week. We meet at 8620 E McDonald Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85250. Read More about this historic location and our recent news about the building that God has provided for The Trinity Church.

How can we get the latest sermons from Pastor Mark?

Pastor Mark is the founding and Senior Pastor of The Trinity Church in Scottsdale, AZ (link to the church). On most Sundays, he preaches at 9 and 11:00 am. If you live in the Phoenix valley, or are visiting the area, you are most welcome to join us for services.

Pastor Mark’s Sunday sermons will be live streamed at thetrinityweb.wpengine.com/watch. The sermon starts roughly fifteen minutes into the church service (somewhere around 9:15 AM and 11:15 AM  Phoenix time).

Once a sermon series is concluded, Mark Driscoll Ministries will decide whether or not to release the entire series. Most, but not all, of Pastor Mark’s sermon series will be released free of charge in audio and video formats through markdriscoll.org. Some sermon series will include other free resources for leaders on the “leaders list”. You can sign up for that list here.

The best way to stay informed of what Pastor Mark is working on is to sign up for his weekly newsletter with Mark Driscoll Ministries.

What Bible Translation Does Pastor Mark Preach From?

Pastor Mark usually preaches through books of the Bible verse-by-verse. In his personal study, he uses multiple English Bible translations and encourages other people to do the same. For preaching, Pastor Mark prefers to use the English Standard Version of the Bible [ESV]. If you join us for a church service, online, or a teaching event and want to be able to follow along most easily, then you will want to bring a copy of the ESV in some format.

Does The Trinity Church have membership?

The Growth Track is a series of classes that introduce you to the church and get you plugged into Team Trinity.

Team Trinity is the heart of our church whose primary purpose is to serve, give, and live out the mission of the church: We open our Bibles to learn, we open our lives to love so that lives and legacies will be transformed.  

The Growth Track classes take place the first four Sundays of every month from 1:00 -2:00 pm in the Trinity Kids building. If you miss a week, classes run every month so you can make it up at any time.

Week 1: We open our Bibles to learn: An introduction to The Trinity Church, the pastors, vision, organization, and beliefs of the church.

Week 2: We open our lives to love: A teaching on how we enjoy the Christian life together.

Week 3: Lives and Legacies Transformed Part 1: A workshop to discover your gifts, talents, and how God made you.

Week 4: Lives and Legacies Transformed Part 2: Taking all that you have learned and finding your place on Team Trinity!

Drop your kids off with our childcare team, and join us at The Growth Track!

What does The Trinity Church believe?

The Bible is the highest doctrinal authority for The Trinity Church. The following biblical beliefs serve as our confession of faith. Other churches and ministries are welcome to also use this confession of faith if they desire.

Click HERE to learn more about what The Trinity Church believes.